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Akoskem is energetic and fast growing company that strives to give unparallel process solutions to our customers.

At Akoskem we strongly believe that a chemical becomes solutions when our trained and experienced personal add their supports. That’s why we encourage employees to develop their strengths and we recognize their achievements.

We constantly look for talent to join our team. If you are also looking for a change in job, a job at AKOSKEM is a great place to build a rewarding, successful career.


We at AKOSKEM believe in providing an inspiring and motivating environment to our employees for a healthy and progressive development of our Company.

At AKOSKEM our employees get opportunity to learn, grow and explore their personal & professional goals.

At Akoskem we are constantly reviewing and refining HR policies to ensure higher level of growth for our employees.


Development Opportunities

Our employees are our biggest assets and their continued development is always our top priority. We provide several learning and development opportunities through workshops, conferences & effective learning management

Work-life balance

At Akoskem our aim is to help in creating a better balance between the demands of your job and enjoyment of your life outside of your work. Our work-life initiatives help employees meet their professional commitments and re-energize themselves.

If you are looking for a suitable employment opportunity you can upload you recent CV along with photograph in the space provided below.

Apply now and become the part of best team.